Langdale Trail – Feb 1, 2011

Welcome to February and welcome to more sunshine! I watched my first sunrise in a while today…now just before 8am. Not a cloud in the sky and a warm orange glow building above the Coast Mountains. I quickly decided a hike was in order today.

I decided to try the trail above Langdale…our street ends and the trail heads off into the forest. This tree is amazing. It has to be hundreds of years old. For comparison, the tree on the left is 2-3 feet in diameter. The dark patch in the center is like a small cave that I can completely sit inside. I just can’t imagine what this area looked like just 125 years ago before European settlers started logging.

I haven’t hiked this trail for a few months. With all the rain we’ve had lately, the upper part of the trail has become a stream. Nevertheless, I was inspired by the great weather so I hiked all the way to the powerlines. This was a first for me. Roundtrip was 2 hours and a good workout. Not steep, but enough to get the heart pumping. It was fun to see how the water works its way around all the rocks, branches and leaves…constantly flowing…constantly searching for the ocean.

I’ll be back, but maybe later this spring when the trail is dry.