Mt Elphinstone – Feb 9, 2011

Another gorgeous warm winter day! I have been hiking these trails on Mt Elphinstone about twice a week for the last few weeks. I am starting to know my way around, but there is so much more to explore. It is a fabulous way to spend an afternoon with the sun streaming in.

It is hard to convey just how green the forest is. Moss, ferns, groundcover and so many trees. It is just green and full of life. How can you feel anything but hopeful and inspired in this landscape?

When my friend emailed this morning to suggest the hike, I looked outside at the sunny day and said “How can I not go?” It was just the two of us today (three counting Kono, her dog). We had been climbing a decently steep section for a while, when my friend said “look how far you’ve come! You’ve been talking the whole time!” Now those of you that know me aren’t suprised at all that I can talk a lot. What is special is that I could talk while climbing this terrain and not be completely out of breath. That is truly the accomplishment. This is infinitely better than any treadmill or road running workout you can ever have.

This wooden bridge on Sidewinder Trail is an example of a mountain bike feature in the trails. It makes the sharp corner much more fun.

This waterfall doesn’t look very big in the photo. However it is probably about 15 feet high and is in a series of falls that is quite loud. I am standing on the bridge that crosses Gibsons Creek. It is a nice turnaround point for a 1 hour hike.

Can’t wait for the next opportunity to explore more of these trails.