Soames Hill – Aug 10, 2010

I can’t believe 6 months went by since my last hike up Soames Hill. I love this place. From 0 to 250m elevation in about 20 minutes and what an amazing trip.
The trails that wind around the base of the hill are similar to other rainforest trails. Amazingly tall trees, huge ferns, boulders…the sounds of the forest and protection of the trees keep out the busy sounds of the outside world.
206 steps take you straight up and really get your heart beating and blood flowing. It brings you alive as you work your way up.

Then just as soon as you’re a bit winded, you’re at the top and the view takes your breath away. This photo is looking south over Gibsons Harbour with Vancouver Island in the background. There are 3 vantage points at the summit, so be sure to take them all in.
The best part about the quick workout on the ascent is that you are more than happy to sit and relax at the summit. At first it is to get your breath back, but then you just soak in the view and sit in the sun. Linger for a while and just enjoy.

This is looking east at Keats Island with the Paisley islands just behind. Straight on would be the city of Vancouver. It would be interesting to see this at night…you should be able to see all the city lights.
See the huge boat in the harbour? Two tugs took it out into Howe Sound while I rested. So interesting to sit and watch it make the trek.

Forget all your cares. No better way to excercise and de-stress. I won’t let another 6 months go by before I return.