North Shore Mountains – Nov 23, 2008

Friday brought the first real storm of the season to the lower BC Coast. Lots of rain and high winds swept in letting us know that winter is quickly approaching. The clouds always limit visibility and take away our view of the North Shore Mountains and sometimes even Gambier Island which is only 5-10 minutes by boat. Just to remind us that all things will pass, the dark clouds lifted, the winds calmed and the sun came out for a beautiful weekend. While we had received lots of rain at sea level, the mountains are newly dusted with the first snow of the year.

This picture is from our 2nd floor deck. Howe Sound is the body of water. Gambier Island is the lower section of green, and the North Shore Mountains are in the background. Our own Mount Elphinstone received a dusting as well. We live at the base of the mountain. This means cross country skiing on Dakota Ridge is coming soon!