Ocean Beach Esplanade – Nov 17, 2008

Today was a beautiful sunny day that simply required a nice walk outside, so after raking leaves and tidying the garden I headed out to Ocean Beach Esplanade. This is a popular beach and walking area on the southern edge of the Sunshine Coast just outside of Gibsons. I had just started walking when I spotted a white tuft on one of the birds flying over the water. I followed for a bit and a beautiful bald eagle soon landed atop one of the shoreline trees. I hustled down the beach and was able to get this shot.

Unfortuately, I was adjusting the camera when he took flight. His wingspan was amazing but I couldn’t get a picture. I was only about 100ft from the tree. He flew off in the opposite direction and soared over the hillside forest.
This was the view in the other direction. This tug was towing a log boom slowly across the horizon toward Vancouver. Just outside the picture was the ferry headed to Nanaimo. If you look closely…what look like the lowest clouds…a bit dark, are actually Vancouver Island. From this part of the Coast, you actually look straight south to Vancouver Island.

Here is hoping for more sunshine tomorrow.