Just as breakfast is the most important meal of the day, we also believe it is a very important part of the Bed & Breakfast experience.  We strive to start your day off right, pampering you in simple ways that you might not take time to do for yourself.

What does that mean?

  • It means we are on your schedule. Whether you are an early riser or one that loves the chance to sleep in, we accommodate with breakfast served 7am-11am. Leaving extra early? We’ll pack something to take with you.
  • Breakfast outside on our ocean view deck whenever possible. Nothing says relaxation like sitting on the deck in the sun. The dining room is warm and cozy even when it’s not outside.
  • Local ingredients – Every breakfast comes with something from our own garden. We frequent our farmers markets and feature locally roasted fair-trade coffee.
  • Scratch baking – Muffins, breads, waffles, french toast, crepes…all from scratch.  Toppings & syrups, too.
  • Special diets or allergies? No worries.  Just let us know when you make the reservation. Vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, lactose-free, etc are all options upon request.
  • Health matters – real food for real people. Fresh fruit, yogurt, and whole grains are part of every meal.

Let us start your day on the right note.


From our guestbook: 

“Thank you! The french toast was so good our little girl Victoria was clapping.” – Jim & Tanja, Kamloops

“Wow, what a great visit! Lots of beautiful sunshine on the warmest weekend yet this year. What a great start to the spring. The hosts were excellent and we loved the blueberry crepes. What a treat to have breakfast on the deck! It feels like yesterday was winter! Thank you Stan & Celia for an amazing experience. We would definitely do it again!” – Chris & Sydney, Whitehorse/Vancouver

“Thank you for the beautiful stay. We Loved playing croquet in the yard, especially when the deer joined in : )  The breakfast was fantastic, nothing beats fresh fruit from the garden.” – Lisa, Natalia, Andrew & Aidan, Richmond


Top 10 Reasons to B&B

Top 10 Reasons to try our B&B

10.  Scratch baking every day

  9.  Kid friendly…they can even have their own room

  8.  More than a room…living room, dining room & gardens

  7.  Your own private balcony overlooking a glacial fjord

  6.  A full hot breakfast featuring local produce

  5.  Stargazing from the hot tub

  4.  We’ll make your dinner reservations, your tee time, or schedule your boat excursion

  3.  Breakfast on your schedule

  2.  One night stays are ok anytime. Sometimes you just can’t stay longer.

  1.  When was the last time you hugged your concierge at the end of your stay?

Give us a try…you’ll be glad you did.   Online Reservations

Dakota Ridge – December 14, 2012

It may be another week until the official start of winter, but today we enjoyed our first day of fun in the snow.    Saturday, December 15 is the official season opening for Dakota Ridge Winter Recreation Area.  Our good friends at Alpha Adventures took us out for a sneak peak & guided snowshoe tour.
15km Nordic ski trails
All trails have been named this year
It was an AMAZING day!  You couldn’t ask for better weather conditions.  It is early in the season, but new snowfall was 50cm (that’s 20 inches) in the past 24 hours. The clouds broke overnight and the sun was shining this morning. Temps were just around the freezing level.  We were warm after a bit of hiking and the snow on the trees was just melting a bit in direct sunshine. A perfect bluebird day.
Knee deep in fresh powder!

Dakota Ridge has almost 4km of groomed snowshoe trails and another 3km of wilderness trails. With our expert guides, we were able to get off the beaten path (though in all that powder…not so beaten) and break fresh tracks through the forest. The forest is magical….so very quiet. Snow makes the most interesting shapes covering varied terrain, small trees, and moved by the wind. It was a bit like a Dr Seuss picture with rounded magical shapes.

Our expert guides Jamie & Lauren

Alpha Adventures offers guided trips and lessons for both cross country skiing and snowshoeing. They also operate a convenient shuttle from Wilson Creek up the mountain roads to Dakota Ridge. The access road is much improved this year thanks to a provincial grant.  The road is wider and has more pullouts, but it still requires chains or 4×4.  My little VW isn’t making that trip, so I am more than happy to ride in Alpha’s comfortable shuttle.  The parking lot has doubled in size, so there is more room for everyone making the trip.

We hiked quite a distance without seeing another sole…partly because this was the day before opening day, but these trails are never crowded.  Plenty of room to get away from it all and just enjoy exploring on your own.  Coming down over the Eastern trails, we found the most amazing view. We could see the North Shore Mountains, including Cypress and The Lions. There were low level clouds & fog blocking the view of the ocean, but we were so far above the thick clouds that they looked like a big fluffy ocean.

What a view! Mt Elphinstone in the background

It was the perfect spot to stop, take a few pictures and have a snack. Just an amazing 360 degree view.

After a full day of snowshoeing we stopped in the warming hut for lunch and hot chocolate. A much needed rest at the end of a great day. I can’t wait to get back up on Dakota Ridge…thinking a great way to spend Christmas Day.

Independence Days – July 4, 2011

Immigrating to a new country means many changes & new experiences. I can’t imagine what it must be like for those who move half-way round the world. I may have moved a couple of thousand miles, but it is still the same hemisphere, the same language and many similar customs.

Some of my American friends ask, “Do you have the 4th of July?” I say, “Yes, its just like July 3rd and 5th.”

Today, I had errands in Sechelt, so I decided to make some time for me and enjoyed a quiet hour break on the beach. Unfortunately, my favourite Sechelt lunch stop was closed (Monday), so I chose the 2nd best thing and picked up sushi to go for a picnic on Sechelt beach. As you can see, I pretty much had the place to myself. The kids were out swimming and jumping off the pier. It may be summer, but it’s not warm enough for me to actually be in the ocean just yet. Such a nice time to sit and reflect.

Canadians celebrate the nation’s birthday on July 1 – Canada Day. In fact, celebrations are very similar to American Independence Day events. Parades, honour to military & to country, bbq, concerts in the park, and a general day of outdoor fun. It’s just that Canada didn’t have a revolutionary war. Everything happened peacefully and orderly, so the emphasis on fireworks just isn’t there. Sure, some celebrations include them…but it isn’t the headline item like in the States.

Canada Day is a birthday party…an opening to summer to be spent with family and friends. The first of many long relaxing weekends by the ocean, camping, or just entertaining on the deck.

Olympic Line Streetcars – Jan 22

Friday was a gorgeous day with sunshine and warm temps for January. I was on my way to the Seattle Travel Show, but had some extra time before leaving Vancouver. The previous day had been the grand opening of the Olympic Line – Vancouver’s new streetcar system that will operate during the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.
I decided to take the streetcar for a spin. What a ride! I was not the only local having an adventure that day. Multiple parents were pushing strollers and showing off the streetcar to the kids. Other lucky residents playing hooky from work like me were enjoying the beautiful day.
The Olympic Line connects the Athlete’s Village and downtown Vancouver with Granville Island. From downtown, I hopped on the Canada Line to 2nd Ave/Cambie. As you exit the train, you literally walk across the parking lot to the new Olympic Line station. From there it is a quick 3 minute smooth and quiet ride to the fabulous Granville Island Market. Best of all, the ride is FREE! Leather seats, clean and sparkling new, and a bit of adventure makes for a fun travel experience.
I only wish the streetcars were a permanent part of the Vancouver transit system. So much more fun than riding the bus, and extremely energy efficient running on electricity. I can just picture these sleek quiet cars whisking visitors and residents along the existing tracks on the North Shore. What a beautiful ride it would be along Marine drive from Lonsdale Quay to Park Royal and then to Horseshoe Bay. Oh…a girl can dream, can’t she?

Strawberry Season – June 22, 2009

I love strawberries and local strawberries are now in season!

Monday, I travelled to Aldergrove which is in the Fraser Valley just east of metro Vancouver. Travelling by ferry means that this is a once a season adventure, so you have to make the trip count. My partner and I managed to pick 38 lbs of berries which will be come pie, shortcake, stawberry-banana bread, smoothies, and my favourite…fresh berries in a bowl. I’ll freeze enough to last all winter for breakfast smoothies and french toast and/or crepes topping.

It was a perfect day for picking with clouds and cool temps in the morning. Krause Berry Farms is my favourite farm to visit. It is just off highway 1 and has built facilities to make for a pleasant tourist experience as well. You can buy pre-picked flats or you can get out in the fields like I did and pick your own berries.

There is a market for fresh veggies as well as delicious looking strawberry pies. There is a concession stand where I treated myself to a fresh strawberry milkshake for lunch.

It is fun to see the 3-5 year olds being so excited to see fresh berries and learn how food grows. They chatter endlessly showing each other the delicious bright red berries they’ve found.

This farm will have raspberries available by mid-July and blueberries at the end of the July. For more u-pick farms in the Vancouver area, visit the BC Strawberry Grower’s Association.

By afternoon, the sun was out and it was a beautiful day to sail home to the Sunshine Coast.
This picture is taken near the end of the trip looking back over Bowen Island and the Coast Mountains. We spent the entire trip outside on the very top deck enjoying the sunshine and the amazing views. The photo just doesn’t do the scenery justice. Every shade of blue and green surround you with forested islands on all sides and mountains stretching off to the north. A sight to behold….


Earls Cove – April 15, 2009

Much too long since my last post. Today I took the opportunity to join the Sunshine Coast Bed & Breakfast, Cottage Owners Association on their annual Spring Tours. We visited 9 B&Bs and cottages in the Egmont and Pender Harbour area.

This is a beautiful view from Earl’s Cove over the Agamemnon channel. In the distance is Nelson Island which lies between the Upper and Lower Sunshine Coast. Absolutely beautiful and peaceful! This is as far as a person can travel from Arcturus Retreat B&B without getting on a boat or ferry. 1km from here is the Earls Cove BC Ferry terminal where you can sail to Saltery Bay and the Powell River/Lund area.

This is Ravenscove Cottage which is a classic waterfront cottage. I am out on their private dock looking back to the shore. Talk about getting away from it all….. No one else in site.

Earls Cove – April 15, 2009

Much too long since my last post.

Much too long since my last post. Today I took the opportunity to join the Sunshine Coast Bed & Breakfast, Cottage Owners Association on their annual Spring Tours. We visited 9 B&Bs and cottages in the Egmont and Pender Harbour area.

This is a beautiful view from Earl’s Cove and the Agamemnon channel. In the distance is Nelson Island which lies between the Upper and Lower Sunshine Coast. Absolutely beautiful and peaceful!

Hopkins Landing – Feb 19, 2009

After a string of beautiful sunny days, I finally made it out with the camera. Hopkins Landing is a short walk from my house and a lovely place to spend a sunny afternoon.

There is a bench out on the dock which stretches far enough out into Howe Sound, that you get the feeling you are actually out on the water. You can gaze back at the public beach that stretches 5km all the way into Gibsons. You can sit, relax, listen to the birds and the constant ebb and flow of the tide.

In the summer, this is a popular swimming spot and dock for both recreational purposes and for those who live on the nearby islands. It is a very walkable stretch of beach with lots of driftwood for a campfire.

Then of course, you can look the other direction and simply enjoy the North Shore Mountains. Grace Island is the very small island in the front of the picture. Gambier Island is just behind that, and then the mountains.

Snow levels are fairly low for February, a sign of the warm weather we have had of late. It is interesting to watch the white make its way lower down the mountain after a storm system, only to recede to higher elevations after a few sunny days.

Dakota Ridge – Feb 2, 2009

How to escape winter gray of the Pacific Northwest? Some head south in search of sun and tropics, but I like it right here. We spent a wonderful Sunday up on the mountain where rain was replaced with beautiful snowfall the entire day. There is something magical about trees covered in a white blanket.

Dakota Ridge is a recreational area near Wilson Creek on the Sunshine Coast. It is run mostly by volunteers who absolutley love the outdoors. A big thank you to Alpha Adventures – Outdoor Adventure Store who hosted their annual equipment demo day. We took their shuttle to the top of the mountain and tried out snowshoes and cross country skis. It was our first time to try these winter sports and Alpha’s guides were fantastic.

This is me finishing up my first cross country ski session. Note the fact there is no one else in sight. This is skiing in nature…not with thousands of people jockeying for a spot on the slopes. There were a about 20 cars in the upper parking lot, but once out on the trails we were on our own. There is a warming hut and a washroom which make for a nice break in the day.
I can’t wait to get back up on the mountain and do it all again.